Carnis Dog Biscuits 120g

The simplest and most popular form of reward for obedience or training!



Not only the dog owner rewards his pet with a children’s sponge cake. Dog biscuits are for him tastier than children, contain less sugar and yeast, which are a source of vitamin B, positively affecting the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

The biscuits are scented with bovine extract, which positively stimulates the olfactory sensations of dogs.

Tasty, healthy delicacy:

  • Calcium strengthens bones
  • Reduced sugar content, min. quantity 25%
  • Beef extract affects the olfactory sensations of dogs
  • Fiber promotes digestion
  • Brewer’s yeast with added egg yolks significantly affects the quality of dog hair

Ingredients: wheat flour, eggs, sugar, whole wheat flour 25%, calcium carbonate 2%, beef extract 0.6%, brewer’s yeast 0.6%

Analytical constituents: crude protein 10,6%, crude oils and fats 4%, crude ash 1% fiber 0,2%, calcium 0,4%

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