STARVITA Superpremium Feed.

Nous proposons des conserves et des sachets remplis de viande de qualité et complétés par toutes les vitamines et minéraux nécessaires qui peuvent servir d’aliment complexe, mais aussi d’attache alimentaire humide aux granulés.

Super Premium premium cans and pouches StarVita provide complete food for adult cats of all sizes and races. They are made from the highest quality foodstuffs that come from local sources and do not contain artificial colorings or flavorings. Only natural preservatives ensure their durability.

In the offer of the holistic line Starvita you can find canned food from the Czech manufacturer, which contain 100% quality meat ingredients (beef, salmon).

The pockets attract even the biggest snacks. One package (12 × 85 g) offers three meat flavors in the sauce: beef, salmon, turkey, so the cat will not have a dull diet. Fillets containing 82% of meat in each piece represent complete feed.